SteveMack's There Multi-Event Generator
(Customized version for coolnet560)

This event generator will create a series of identical events, starting on a selected date, and repeating daily or weekly for a selected number of days. Alternatively, round-the-clock events can be created for a given zone.

You must run this script from within the There client, or you must be logged into There Central 2D page. webpages in-world only supports up to 9 including this page. To make over 10 events at once, we recommend you to use the 2D webpage on Internet Explorer.

The Zones below are all third party open hosting. Co-host list are on both pages.

Note: Please make sure you have hosting rights at the zone you want to host at before you create the event.

If you wish to add your zone and/or co-host group to be on the generator please contact me at Please provide me the link of your place, and/or link to your co-host group that you want to be added in the e-mail.

If there is a name change or a zone changed that hasn't been fixed on here, please let me know so I can correct the problem.

A big thanks to SteveMacks for allowing me to use his script.

Updated: July 24th, 2018

Complete documentation

Click on the link below if you are hosting events in a private zone.

Private Zones

Event Type:
Teams:   Invite Only:    In/Out Privileges:    Self-running: 
Co-host club:
Event Title:
  Daylight Savings Time?
Repeated event
Daily   Weekly   Bi-weekly
Start Date:
Start Time:    
Prep Time:
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Round-the-clock events
Start Date:
Number of days:
Number of events/day: