SteveMack's There Multi-Event Generator Documentation

The multi-event generator is a simple html/javascript application used to create a series of identical events in There. Various customized versions exist. This documentation applies to all versions.

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The event generator can be run from inside of the There client, or directly in your browser, so long as you are logged into There Central. Permission to execute javascript may be required. Pop-up blockers may need to be configured to allow pop-ups. The There client allows a maximum of ten browser windows, so to create larger numbers of events, it is necessary to log into There Central.

WARNING! If the number of events you request causes you to exceed the maximum number of events you are allowed to create, you could break your co-host club. Please be aware of how many events you are allowed (50 for platinum fun passes), how many you already have scheduled, and how many your request will generate. See the chart below for the maximum number and duration of events at various fun pass levels.

The following options are available:

Required options
Zone: Select the zone for which to create events
Event Type: Select the event type desired
Category: Select the event category desired
Teams: None - no teams; Automatic - participants will be assigned to either blue or green team
Invite Only: No - invitation not required; Yes - invitation required to attend
In/Out Privileges: No - attendees have in/out privileges; Yes - attendees do not have in/out privileges
Self-running: No - no effect on event; Yes - event is flagged as "self-running"
Co-host club: Select the club to co-host the event, or select None
Event Title: Enter the title for the event
Description: Enter the description of the event
Timezone: Select your timezone (all other time fields will be based on the time zone selected)
Daylight Savings Time?: Check only if the event will occur during daylight savings time

Repeated event/Round-the-clock events: Choose whether you want to generate daily or weekly events at a specified time, or whether you want to generate round-the-clock events for the selected zone

Options for repeated event
Daily/Weekly/Bi-weekly: Determines whether the event will occur every day, once a week, or once every two weeks (irrelevant if only one occurrence is selected)
Start Date: Select the date for the first occurrence of the event
Start Time: Select the hour and minutes for the event to start, and choose AM or PM (AM or PM will be ignored if midnight or noon are selected)
Duration: Select the number of hours and minutes the event will last
Occurences: Determines the number of identical events that will be generated
Prep Time: Select the required prep time, if desired

Options for round-the-clock events
Start Date: Select the date for the first occurrence of the event
Number of days: Select the number of days for which round-the-clock events should be generated
Number of events/day: Select the number of events to be generated for each day

Reset button: Restores all of the default values
Create event(s) button: Submits a request for each event (a new window will open for each event with either an error message or an event confirmation)

Event allowances by funpass level:

Max # of events
Max event duration
4 hours
6 hours
8 hours
8 hours